Linzey Cocker

Linzey Cocker // Clare

Cocker made her television debut playing Miriam — the daughter of Joe Payne (Ian Puleston-Davies) — in all six episodes of the BBC crime drama Conviction in 2004. Then continued on to play the role of Roxy in the children’s TV series Barking. In Drop Dead Gorgeous, Cocker’s character is the fraternal twin of Ashley Webb, played by actress and model Sinead Moynihan. Jade, being the popular and charismatic sister, finds it difficult to adjust to her shy sister’s rapid success as a model.

2006 was a busy year for Cocker. She also made guest appearances in Channel 4‘s Shameless — playing Lip’s minor love interest Zadie in series three — and the BBC’s The Innocence Project — as Rhiannan. She also made her first appearrance in two recurring television roles. Cocker took over the part of Brooke Armstrong — the daughter of Colin (Robson Green) and Jackie (Nicola Stephenson) — in the ITV series Northern Lights. In The Street she appeared as Leanne McEvoy — daughter of the show’s one constant couple, Eddie (Timothy Spall) and Margie (Ger Ryan). Northern Lights had started out as Christmas Lights in 2004 — with Nicola Headley in the role of Brooke Armstrong — and would go on to become City Lights in 2007 and Clash of the Santas in 2008 — both with Cocker as Brooke.

In 2008 Cocker appeared as Tanya, alongside Michael Caine, David Morrissey and Anne-Marie Duff, in Is Anybody There?, and played Jodie in the Liverpool-set micro-budget horror Salvage. Linzey has recently completed the low-budget short “Night Swimming”, directed by Dominic Leclerc, and most recently played the role of Gwen in Noel Clarkes latest film “4321” set to release in 2010.

Cocker is also set to star in BBC drama series, Waterloo Road, playing new pupil Jess Fisher. She will star alongside former Silent Witness actress Amanda Burton who will play her on screen mother and new Head Teacher, Karen Fisher.

Linzey Cocker as Claire

Linzey Cocker as Claire


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